Purpose of the Humanist Spirit & Leadership

Today there is a problem of sense and direction, worldwide.

We are at the end of a system, within a VERY wide meaning.

A profound change is underway.

This mutation is human, not technological.

This mutation is a leap of individual and collective consciousness, able to take us to another light dimension.

Talking of problem of sense and direction, means talking about problem of Leaders.

The XXI century has a critical need for new major leaders, a new consciousness, women and men Leaders and Humanists, able to wake up, to reveal this new dimension and take us there.

A LEADER is someone who drives, toward one direction, who carries with him/her a dimension, a vision, an idea, a message to the World, to others. If the leader is a director of a business, the business is the means, the vehicle, the embodied expression, material of this message.

A leader creates a movement. it is not an officer sitting on a pyramidal and hierarchical position “to lead.” A leader is not above, it is in front and leads.

A HUMANIST LEADER is someone who is free from the conventions, from “business as usual,” the “I pretend to play”, optical illusions, fears and ego. Therefore this woman, this man, sees  right, is right and drives right. So, in turn, it can enlighten and free. A “normal” leader will take personality, to his true nature.

A humanist leader fetched the heart of his own human dimension to recognize it, deploy it, express it. The trip begins within oneself, a trip to deep recognition.

A humanist leader is a leader who is aware of what motivates his approach, what it brings to the table, the essence of the purpose of his “business” (money is never the heart) and expresses it.

A humanist leader is a leader who is aware of the problems of the World. A company is nothing more than human problems: vision, ego, relationships, packaging. The world / our businesses / our lives as they are today, are a reflection of where we are individually and collectively. Our world, our businesses, our lives are but a mirror of ourselves.

Changing our societies, our businesses, our lives supposes to evolve individually and collectively as a human, an evolution of consciousness and not expertise.

The Finality of Humanist Leadership  is to allow each leader, woman and man, evolve deep into another dimension of itself,  as a person and as a leader, for the greater benefit of all.

Let us not forget that, as a leader, what we are fully impacts “our companies” whatever the size: Nation, Association, SME…


It is this humanist vocation that makes sense and that guides my steps since childhood.

It is in this direction that I accompany CEOs, managing directors and executives for 25 years.

And it is in this direction that I have the joy and the desire to take you to teach you to grow in this dimension of yourself, much larger and brighter than you think.